Introduction of MMA

As a junior  Instructor of Markaz Mix Martial Art  Academy, I would like to personally welcome you to the wonderful world of Mix Martial Art . Whatever your reason for taking lessons (to gain flexibility, reduce stress, develop discipline , gain confidence ,self defense , meditation, as a hobby, physical fitness, improve your health, etc.) we encourage you to persevere in meeting your personal goals and needs. You have made the right decision

I can fight only for something that I love, love only what I respect, and respect only what I at least know

Introduction Of Sir John Shaqi

To understand the present , one must first have a clear understanding of the past .John Shaqi’s  ( Muhammad Ishtiaq) story begins 2006 when his friend Muhammad Usman Gulzar took him in his club of Shoto Kan karate .He is very impress by Martial art and he join that Club in 2006 the Name of that club is Jinnah karate Club and Master Tofail Ahmed Khosa 3 DAN black belt in Shoto kan karate He is student of Shahid Ali Ansari from Bahwar pur the big name in karate of pakistan history .John's took his black belt from them in 2011 .He guide him and always  told him “Sports dosen't make character it Reveals it

 to fight, and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then could evil be kept at bay, though never quite eradicated

took a step very early in championship. when i was yellow belt i won gold medal in first Tehsil championship and gotta adorable tittle of "Tehsil champion"in 2006. that time i was a player of under fin weight and after One year when i got green belt then i went Bahawalpur to play All Pakistan Al- Imran Karate Championship and got Browz medal in 2007.

 I also took participate in Taekwondo while doing karate . when i was green belt i went to Taekwondo championship at Lodhra . I won there silver medal in green belt catorage 2007 that is my first accivment in taekwondo. After some month I participate In Punjab Sports festival the biggest event of sports in Punjab for participating in a mean event you should won all levels first is city than District than Division and after that you are in final level Mean event which held in Lahore ,first of all in a city level i won Gold medal then 2nd in District level i won again Gold medal and then in Division level i won Silver medal.

 In next year i won again Browz medal in All Pakistan Al-Imran Karate Championship 2008. After copel yaer of practise i went to Taekwondo Championship at Court Radha Kishan and i won there silver medal 2011 next year  participate in youth sports festival and in youth festival (2012) Once again i gave done my best , excellent performance and won Gold in city level,then district level again Gold and in division level won Silver medal i won up to 28000/- Pkr in this event.

 Then the Army camp offered me to do camp , i spend 15 days at army camp with Attacking performance and broken the mouth of how else army boys by mine kicks and also spin lot of faces there

after 15 days i back to my home again and that time i decided to go karachi for learning  more martial art in the end i reached at karachi firts of All i join Tai's Karate Center Biggest Center of the Pakistan. there is spend one year in this year i won lot of fighti break nose of Sammar Khan with just my first kick of fight 2012.

after leaving Tai's karate Center i met with Sir Abdul Sammad Khan he is one of the best Coach of the World. Now I am and Sir Abdul Sammad are to-gather.


My Teakwondo Carer

I Play my first Taekwondo championship from sindh in karachi 2012 while representing Markaz Mix Martial Art club but i past i already play 2 championship of taekwondo in punjab one Lodhra and 2nd one is in Court Radha Kishan.

1st Junaid Memmorial inter club taekwondo championship i play in fin weight and won gold Medal 2012 in september of that year an other championship was held KDCTA Taekwondo Championship i won again Gold medal in fin weight category. 

I apply for the First Dan from kukkiwon after some month i have my First Dan certificate in my hand my Dan card No.05462568 i participate in Pakistan Power Teakwondo Union championship and got first positing in fin weight category 2013. I went to Hyderabad Sports Fastival 2013 and won Gold medal in fin category.

But the journey was going on i join the club Inter Sindh Taekwondo Training Camp 11/12 January 2014 under supervision Pakistan Olympic Committee Pakistan Sports Board & pakistan Taekwondo Fedration Sindh Olympic Committee at Badarulhasan Farooqi Sports Complex Karachi

i start practice again with more passion i also start teaching as well in 2015 the Pakistan Taekwondo Fedration  and international olympic committee develpment of national sports structre programme for the awarness of taekwondo i tock participate in that event and get certificate as well. in this year i am selected in karachi team for the sindh championship there i fight in tag team event but my team did not gave 100% performance and we won just silver medal from there after some month i participate in inter uni championship my practise was not good because of to much study but i won Brownz in that event rise and fall is part of game but i never think about quite in 13 to 17 september the National event of Taekwondo was held in Islam abad i am selected in sindh team after trails in karachi there is also play in tag team fight event because of team we cant give our best performence and we don't get any medals and that was crustal time for me

I go Iran for my 2nd International fight that was a Sandha fight style fight i loss my fight fight but. I never thing about quite i start practise again and try my best in 2016 the karachi championship held there i won gold medal in tag fight and one more medal in single fight event that was good for me and that bost me to doing more in April 2016 All pakistan interuni wusu championship held at tando Jam there i represent karachi university i won gold in All Pakistan event one more time and in future i do my best to mentain my name and my titals. 

Asian Championship of Matsogi-do

In the 2014 June we go for international championship which held in Nepal the other team selected from Lahore the selector of the team name is Mian Abudl Rehman the General Sectory of Pakistan Metsogi-do Federation. In that championship 8 more countries are also participating Nepal ,Butan, Iran, Afghanistan,Singapor, Maleshiya,India,Pakistan. I play there 4 fights with different opponents in the end i met with India in my final match the Final fight was good i beat india from 7-9 point i won gold medal my fight was best fight of the event the Jumesar Fedration rewarded me with the 2nd DAN Black belt Certificate and also that tital. in the age of 23.    

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